Park Pavilion

Size NA

Phase: Design

Program: Park/Pavilion/Amphitheater

New Construction

Location – Milk District, Orlando, FL

This open space is nestled within a sea of neighborhoods just East of downtown Orlando. While the park is often vacant and underutilized, it lies in a location that is great need of places to gather. For example, every Tuesday residents of the milk district gather together in a strip of strung together parking lots to have dinner at the community’s food trucks. The 16 acre park provides ample space, but it lacks simple amenities such as shade and definition of use. The solution focuses on a music pavilion as well as a social/cultural hub for the ever-growing Milk District. The linear canopy stretches the length of the park while shading visitors as they traverse the site. This simple gesture promotes connectivity between the Milk District neighbors by creating shaded places to stroll, gather, celebrate and play.