Hawkers Asian Street Fare

Size – 6,000 sf

Phase: Under Construction

Program: Restaurant

Adaptive Reuse

Location – Delray Beach, FL

The design team struck a careful balance of utilizing worn, rusticated materials while avoiding an appearance of looking too gritty. Careful attention was paid to how lighting would transform the patron experience from daytime to nighttime. Custom fabricated light fixtures were designed to accomplish a successful balance of function and street aesthetics.

The team’s adaptive re-use expertise was employed to reconstitute a neglected 60’s building, which had been subdivided into multiple tenant spaces. Care was taken to maintain useful, original building characteristics while enhancing spaces with branded elements.

In collaboration with Graphaus Design

Hawkers - 1.0.jpg
Hawkers - 1.2.jpg
Hawkers - 2.0.jpg
Hawkers - 3.0.jpg