Mercantile Coffee Company

Size – 1,600 SF

Phase: Concept

Program: Coffee Shop


Location: SODO, Orlando, FL

Though Mercantile Coffee Company had a presence within the growing Orlando coffee community, they had not yet established a location. Mercantile was established by selling cold brew from tricycles equipped with a beverage cooler and dispenser and the community sought out their locations daily. The attraction stemmed from the simplicity of the approach – a limited, rotating menu. Mercantile indicated the desire to carry the strategy of a curated offering into their flagship store.

The existing space was located in a large scale mixed use development on the edge of the city that had been vacant since its completion in 2008. The long, narrow, high volume space had 12 foot storefront windows that natural light poured into, but was in contrast with the desire for a comfortable space that focused on curated offerings.

 The solution was to organize the space with a simple gesture. A heavy, dark mass was introduced into the space. This created three zones as one proceeded through the space. The first was a light filled, high volume space with soft seating and a view outside. In second space, a service bar and bench seating was anchored by the mass that floated overhead. This simple gesture compressed the space, providing acoustic control, visual focus on the curated offerings, and controlled lighting. The service counters were held at a lower height than a traditional bar, blurring the lines between customer and employee zones. The third space contained retail displays and access to back of house functions.       


Renderings created while employed at Process Architecture